Company policy

The Management of company Chemcos ltd. completely realizes its responsibility regarding the product safety in chain ”purchasing and receiving of raw materials – production and trade of cosmetics and household cleaning products” and demonstrates its commitment to the safety of the products as applying of system for item safety and defines the below mentioned concrete aims:

  • To research,aware and observe the legal and branch requirements for safety of the products incl.  the customers outside territory of EU.
  • To inform our staff with the above mentioned and to motivate the achieving of the set aims;
  • Not to admit noxious emissions to polute the environment;
  • To be confident that the personnel is informed and willing to apply its duties regarding the product safety and the regulations of the ethical statute book of our company;
  • To provide resources for applying,development and improvement of the system for safety management of our cosmetic and household cleaning products with personal responsibility for the results of its application;
  • To provide updated information for the safety of the supplied by Chemcos ltd. products;
  • To guarantee the supplying of safe products;
  • To enable the mentioned policy to be assimilated,instilled and supported at all levels of the organization.


We strive all the time to meet the demands and the expectations of our customers and consumers by means of the supplying of quality and safe products.Aslo we encourage every single employee to contribute for achieving of this purpose within his competence and authorities.
For us the aforementioned means:

  • To determine the needs and the expectations of the customers and to satisfy them to a great extent;
  • To define the aims concerning the quality of our products and inform our employees about the importance of the successful accomplishment of these objectives;
  • To meet the requirements of the system for quality management and permanently to improve its efectiveness;
  • To evolve the personnel  abilities and  stimulate its collaboration via effective education;
  • To expand the relations with the suppliers in order to secure quality and safe deliveries of raw material;
  • To consider and apply the current legislation in the country and inside/outside of EU.

In conclusion we would like to mention that our company obtained the prestigious Certificate – Excellent SME.The main goal of the certificate which correspond to the directives of EU is to guarantee the safe and reliable business relationships,the successful business practices and the increasing of the transperancy of the market.

Our moto: Quality is our guarantee for prosperity!

Vassil Tomov  

/General Manager/:                                                                  07.01.2016 г.

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