Quality policy

Guarantee for the prosperity and competitiveness of company Chemcos ltd. along with the maintaining and expanding of the gained market shares always have been the professional attitude ,the accurate assessements regarding the market and the ability to anticipate the requirements of the customers.

Principal feature of our management philosophy and practice is the willingness for permanent improvement in all business directions.With regard to this:

  •  We rely on direct communication with the customers combinated with the constant research of the new trends of supplied products and as a result we have leading and adequate position in the market;     
  •  We guarantte to our customers strictly observing of the legislation and the other legal regulations related to our products;
  •  We are demanding and responsible to our suppliers;
  •  We ensure safety and healthful working environment to our employees and modern equipment promoting the useful accomplishment of their duties;

An indicative illustration for the implementation of our company`s policy is the successful application of the system for quality management according ISO 9001:2008.

In connection with the above mentioned we aim to achieve the following :

1. Establishment of environment of increased responsibility concerning the quality of the supplied products via realization of the principle of solidarity to the results of company`s activity.

2. Improvement of company`s profitability via analysis of its equipment and resource providing.Planning and implementation of organizational amendments aiming to minimized the supporting and low productive activities.

3. The perception as a leading principle the prevention on the base of methodical analysis and resolving of all existing problems.Urgent reaction from every employee in case of deviations,flaws or oversights concerning his personal activity and company`s activity in general.

4. Permanent implication of our suppliers in the process of quality improvement via increasing the requirements regarding the quality of the supplied by them products and services.

5. Assortment expanding of the supplied products and enlarging the market share of the company indicated by means of quantitative and financial parameters.

6. Observing of the regulations for safe and healthy working conditions and the standards for sanitary and ecological requirements.

In connection of all above mentioned the Management of Chemcos ltd. Will demand from all employees  skills expected of a professional  and strict technological discipline.Also utterly observing of the requirements enclosed in the documents of the System for quality management and active cooperation for its successful application and progress.

Vassil Tomov                
/General Manager/

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